So we’ve finally left. It looks like we’re actually going to Spain. I have to admit, I didn’t really believe that we were going up until this very moment. Granted, it was always our plan, but so many different things kept coming up preventing our leaving that I kind of thought it might just not be in the books. But despite my doubts, we are indeed finally on the road again.

Of course we’ve brought way too much stuff with us. Three giant boxes and two cabinets full of food, climbing equipment (not that we know how climb… yet), neoprene suits, swimming equipment, cycling equipment, two bicycles, two motorcycles, clothes, pots, pans, dishes, spare parts, tools, etc. etc. It took us the better part of the day on Wednesday to pack the bus. Here’s hoping the police don’t stop and weigh us. Then we’ll be in trouble.  Unless we can convince them that in America, everyone’s license allows them to drive 4-ton vehicles…

As of now, we’ve been driving for two days. Before we leave Germany I still want to see Worms (because it’s part of the Siegfried story and because it’s called ‘worms’). After that we’ll drive through Saarland, where we’ve never been before, and then travel relatively quickly through France to Spain. We’re thinking we’ll do Barcelona first, and then make our way towards Madrid, since I have to fly out of there on December 16. After that, we only know that we eventually want to get to Portugal and Morocco. Since I had been doubting that we would ever actually leave Berlin, I’ve done little to no research as to what we should see/do/eat in Spain. Haven’t even so much as gotten an overview of the layout of the country or anything. I remember reading about a red wine festival somewhere in Spain where everyone pours wine on themselves and everything else and gets drunk and frolics around all day stained totally red. Yes to that. Also I’ve heard of a similar tomato festival. Bonus.

Guess I also have to really get going on learning Spanish…

The weather has been terrible so far. Cold and rainy. But that’s okay bc I get to snuggle in bed while Philipp is driving. There are full wall-to-wall windows on three out of the four sides of our bed (we do have curtains). So like, seriously, imagine what I’m talking about here. Snuggling in bed, surrounded by windows, zooming through the gorgeous German countryside. Can it possibly get any cooler?

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