Pagny-sure-Moselle Find: Pretzel Rolls!

Okay so seriously, there were like a thousand half-baked pretzel rolls in this container, not only still sealed in the plastic bags they came in but also still in the BOX. And there were like four boxes, each with two giant bags full to bursting. In case someone doesn’t know, when I say half-baked, that doesn’t mean that they baked them in the supermarket and then threw them away before they were finished. The baked goods that are sold in supermarkets are (almost always) ordered this way; frozen and not quite baked all the way through. The job of the minimum-wage bakery counter person is to shove them in the oven for ten minutes zum fertig backen so that they can say that they baked it on the premises and also so that it smells delicious in the whole store and also so that the bread stays fresh until they need it.

We grabbed as many of these as we could and baked them in our toaster and had fresh pretzel rolls for breakfast for days. We even put two of them on the heating vents on the dashboard to see if we could bake them that way. Believe it or not, it actually worked.

I’m obsessed with pretzels so this is totally on my list of top ten best finds we’ve ever had.



One comment

  • I got to know them in Greece and I loved them, we don’t have such kind of rolls in Poland! They were the best with just olive oil and salt. Now I know how to call them 😀


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