Hobo Cooking #3: Banana Pancakes

We’ve been finding a lot of bananas and making pancakes is a great way to use the ones that are too soft and brown to eat. It’s also a great way to get rid of some of the billion yogurts that we also found (seriously, billions).


Today I went real hobo-style, and chucked out the eggs and milk that I would have normally used if I had them. Just IMG_6746
squish up the bananas with a fork until they’re almost a thick liquid, add the yogurt in, then maybe some sugar and cinnamon, then flour (I also used some oats and some crushed hazelnuts because I had them on hand—also found). You just have to pay attention to how much yogurt and flour you use to make sure you get the right consistency. These pancakes will also take a bit longer to cook than your typical batter, and you’ll have to use a lower temperature. But it works! I also cut up some bananas IMG_6758and stuck them on the as-yet-unbaked pancake side before they were flipped because that makes them extra delicious. Eat with peanut butter for ultimate mouth orgasm.

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