Lyon and La Petit Camargue: Nov 28-29

28 Nov 2015: Time to book it to Barcelona. It’s been four days since we’ve last showered and it’s not okay. We woke up early and left Lyon.IMG_6803

IMG_6808We drove through Valence and past Montelimar (I didn’t even stop to buy any nougat. That’s how serious this was). Around Pont-Sant-Esprit we found some awesome artisan organic bread behind a baker 😀

We stopped at McDonalds to use the internet and to meet with a few friends of ours who are also traveling south. We did some research to see if we could find an open campground where we could get clean, but everything was closed for the winter.


So we got back in the bus and drove past Nimes to Lunel, where we stopped to sneak around the back of some supermarkets. We scored:

IMG_6814 IMG_6815

After that we didn’t stop until we reached La Petit Camargue. No shower, but at least we were at the beach and could see the ocean. The parking lot has a gate on it that prevents vehicles any more than 2 meters high from entering, and we’re almost four, so we had to park a bit further away than regular visitors.

La Petit Camargue

La Petit Camargue


The next morning I spent a few hours walking around. The Camargue is the name given to the wetlands between the two arms of the Rhone. It’s a pretty fucking sick place. It’s the largest river delta in western Europe and if you’re into any sport that requires wind and/or a large, flat area. Windsurfing, kite-flying, ATV driving, etc, this is the place for you.

La Petit Camargue


La Petit Camargue

(So pissed that we didn’t bring our dirt bikes. We thought of taking out our two Suzuki SP’s that we have with us, which technically have all-terrain tires on them, but decided in the end that the sand was a bit too soft. Boo.)

La Petit Camargue

The marshes of the Camargue were used for a long time as salt flats, although less so now after World War II, and also, traditionally, to grow wild red rice. I only discovered this after we had already left the region, which SUCKS. I’ve read a lot of people claiming that Camargue red rice is the best in the world and I would have made sure that I got my hands on some. Also the lakes where it’s grown turn deep red and look amazing. Alas, I’ll have to wait until next time. Super pissed. Check out these pictures I got off of google:



After I was done rolling around in the sand, we headed to Sète to look for a place to sleep. The first part of the route was a tiny road with water on both sides. We saw a ton of flamingoes, but they didn’t come out in the pictures because it was too dark.


La Petit Camargue

When we arrived I made Spinach and White Bean soup with all the spinach that we found. Another hobo classic.




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