…Rosemary and Thyme

One of the best things about being in the south is the insane amount of rosemary and thyme (and sometimes if you get lucky, sage) that grows absolutely everywhere. You can’t even buy this stuff in the supermarket here because it grows like, literally, next to stop signs. You’d be a fool to pay for it.

I collected a bunch of herbs when we went hiking near Cerbère, a small French city practically sitting on the Spanish border. The rosemary in particular was straight up taking over:


I took a shit ton back to the bus with me. It smells awesome. I even like just looking at it on the wooden table. Isn’t it pretty?



I took out one of the big chunks of Mozzarella that we found in Narbonne and poured some of our olive oil that we got straight from a press in Sardinia, ground some Sicilian sea salt over it and then sprinkled it with herbs and then we ATE IT.



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