Banyoles Find


  • Three bunches of bananas
  • Ten apples
  • One onion
  • Four bags of oranges
  • Two melons
  • Four limes
  • Seven pears
  • Two carrots
  • One large red pepper
  • Five giant pieces of marinated chicken
  • Four chorizo sausages
  • Four pork and blue cheese sausages
  • Ten chicken and vegetable kebabs
  • Fifteen meat croquettes



This time I thought that I really had to include the story of this find from my travel journal post:

In Banyoles we had luck. First we found a bunch of fruits and vegetables (including a ton of oranges), and then a nice loaf of grainy bread.

But then, right as we were about to leave, we saw a butcher come out and put a big bag of stuff into the bin. We took a look, thinking maybe there would be some inedible bits for the dog, but when we opened the bag, there were all kinds of sausages, kebabs, croquettes, and marinated chicken breast.

To revisit the eating-the-meat-from-the-garbage rules:

  1. Meat must still be cold
  2. Meat must be found and consumed on or before the expiration date
  3. Meat must be packed

The meat was super cold, and I decided to break rule #3 just this once, since this was from a butcher who just had a cold case, and didn’t sell anything pre-packaged. Also, something about seeing the guy come out and knowing for SURE that this was super fresh and hadn’t been sitting there for any amount of time made me feel better. I don’t think I would have done it if that weren’t the case.

It was immediately clear to us that we were going to have to light the grill, and we were pretty hungry. Only trouble was that we were in the middle of a city, and you can’t quite just start building fires and cooking outside shopping malls, so it took a bit of searching to find a spot. We found a dirt path that led to a weird little abandoned dirt lot next to what looked like an emergency exit coming from the nearby traffic tunnel. Not exactly a romantic dinner spot, but whatever. Philipp broke out his flamethrower and blasted the coals until they were hot enough, and then we had a feast. The sausages were great. There were chorizos and other pork ones with blue cheese inside. We ate all this that is in the picture, plus like five giant marinated breasts of chicken that I can’t believe I forgot to take a photo of. Talk about stuffed.






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