December 5: Barcelona Exploration Day

I woke up this morning already psyched to go visit La Boqueria, the giant market. Since we, again, didn’t want to leave the bus alone in a giant city, Philipp went out exploring first on his bicycle, and I went out on foot afterwards. Philipp was only gone for about two hours; he only really cared about taking a quick look at the harbor and the old city and then came back.

I however, needed more time than that. I set out up the Rambla and walked straight to the market. Fucking. Paradise.


Seriously, look at this shit:

(more photos in my separate La Boqueria post)




I eventually tore myself away, having managed to only buy some mango/coconut juice, and eat one single curry taco (not exactly Spanish, I know) and made my way around the inner city.

More Gaudi:




Cool art by Julio Nieto:






IMG_2155 IMG_2161

Other Stuff:



There was a Christmas market in front of the cathedral. This Christmas market wasn’t the best I’ve been to. The stands selling cheap silly gifts far outnumbered the artisans, and worst of all, a serious dearth of food stands. I’m sorry, but I think I have to rule that Spain is kind of bad at Christmas.


Still though, I noticed some interesting differences, for example, there were tons of stands selling pieces for nativity scenes and mangers, so that must be big here.

IMG_7568 IMG_7569

And also there were people selling Christmas trees, which I’ve never seen in a Christmas market before, odd as that may sound. Still though, no food? They can’t be serious.



Eventually I decided to sit in a Starbucks with my laptop to get some work done. I noticed that “American pancakes” were available in the pastry case.


When I left, I had to pass La Boqueria on my way back to the bus and so I, of course, had to stop in again to take one more final look around. I bought a few pastry/empanada sort of things and they were amazing. One was called a tortilla and was made with eggs and potatoes, but we would probably call it a frittata, the other was stuffed with carrot, ginger, and pumpkin (the orange one), and the other had onions and chorizo inside (definitely the best one).

My first instinct was to devour them on the spot all by myself, but then I remembered that Philipp exists, and that maybe I should think about sharing with him. It took every ounce of my self control to put them back in their bag and wait until I got all the way back to the bus to take them out again. We made them warm in a pan and then inhaled them. So good.


Afterwards, I made pumpkin sage pasta because we are pigs and were still hungry.


Time to say goodbye to Barcelona. We drove out of the city proper into a suburb called Llobregat, where there was a McFit. I really cannot overstate the joy that a nearby McFit gives me. Not only because I can’t wait to get clean, but also because I feel like such utter crap when I don’t work out for awhile.  There was also a McDonalds nearby (again, loving the irony of the fact that these two businesses are consistently placed in so close proximity to one another). When we were done I felt awesome. Excited that I get to go tomorrow morning again before we leave.

Went to Mcdonald’s to use the internet. Bed.



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