December 7th was relatively boring. We woke up and took a look around the place where we parked last night. It was dark when we arrived so weren’t exactly sure what to expect when we stepped outside the bus in daylight.


We walked down to the beach and found this cute little set of white bungalows with green shutters.


We did internet stuff at McDonalds in Molins de Rei most of the day, and then drove to the McFit in Viladecans. After that we drove to the coast, did some dumpster diving in Bellamar, and slept next to the harbour in Garraf. The next morning we took a walk on the beach and then got back on the road. We passed through Sitges, a small artsy party people city on the coast, and onwards along in the water.

As we were driving through Calafell, we stopped dead: an abandoned windsurfboard, complete with sail, was sitting on the side of the road.


There wasn’t even any discussion; it was coming with us. Doesn’t matter that we don’t have the slightest idea how to use it. The only question was, how were we going to fit it? Philipp thought this would be a good idea…


… because the police will definitely not have any problems with that. Needless to say I immediately vetoed, and this was the final result:


With our new toy on board, we drove on through Tarragona and sat for a bit at the McDonald’s in Cambrils. We want to see the Ebro delta, 320 square meters of wetlands, but it’s already too late for us to get there before dark today. We drove as far as L’Ampolla, the last town before the park starts, and found a place to spend the night on the side of a lonely road next to the water (in summer this place is surely packed 24/7).


Since there was absolutely no one around, we decided it would be a good idea to blast music from our radio and have a dance party on the sidewalk with a view of the water.


In the morning, it was time to become windsurfers. We prepared by eating pancakes, and then it was time to hit the waves.



It was pretty bad. Thank God no one was watching. So far,we’ve managed to stand on the board, balance for a few seconds, and then fall off.






When we were done “surfing” we made our way to the Ebro delta. Take a look at my next post to see the pictures. They’re pretty fucking stunning.

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