Valencia: Magical Indoor Market

December 15, 2015

Tomorrow, I have to take a train from Valencia to Madrid, in order to catch my plane to New York for Christmas. I was incredibly lucky to have my ticket home sponsored. I haven’t been with my family on Christmas for years now, so I am pretty psyched.

So today was my last day to enjoy Valencia. We headed into the city from Albofera in the morning. The views are just as beautiful on the way out as they were on the way in.


When we got to the city the first thing I did was make a beeline for the market. All I could do when I got there was stand around with my mouth gaping wide open.


This building is a treasure. According to Wikipedia, this is one of the oldest still active markets in Europe, although the building was only built in 1914 by Francesco Guàrdia i Vial and Alexandre Soler, both architects trained in Barcelona. Over 400 merchants do their business here every day.

Outside the market there are restaurants lined up ready to grill your freshly purchased meat or fish. I didn’t get the chance to try any of these out, but I read in several different travel guides that they are worthwhile.


I also appreciated the little series of portraits of a lettuce-lifting man painted in succession on the wall next to the road leading up to this point. Valencia is full of fantastic street art.



And now, without further ado, the inside of the market. Feast your eyes.




^You could smell this smoked paprika from the other side of the building.


IMG_8235 IMG_8231 IMG_8228

^ Olives stuffed with Octopus. Give it to me.


Totally stuffed my face with morcilla-stuffed empanadas. Not even mad about it.


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