Valencian Street Art

When we arrived here, I wasn’t expecting anything too special, just another Spanish city, probably mega beautiful, probably full of a billion delicious things that I want to eat, probably has some mind blowing cathedral, the usual. And Valencia does indeed have all of those things, plus a fabulous food market in which I want to live, but it has something else too; a much more elusive quality when it comes to European cities. Namely, hipness.

How did I discover this during my exceedingly short two-day stay, you ask? It didn’t take much. All anyone has to do is stroll around for five minutes and have their senses bombarded with the street art that lives on every store front, apartment building, and exposed wall in the city and it’s obvious. Take a moment to look a little closer at the people sitting at tables made of recycled wood in colorful cafes and the shops displaying clothes and bags made by local designers and there’s no denying it.  This place is full of artists, and the creative energy that flows around here is almost tangible.

Above all, the street art is what really captured me. I spent a whole day walking around taking it in. These are some of my favorites.

IMG_8347 IMG_8344 IMG_8342 IMG_8340 IMG_8291 IMG_8288 IMG_8287 IMG_8286 IMG_8284 IMG_8283 IMG_8281 IMG_8280 IMG_8279 IMG_8278
IMG_8266 IMG_8264 IMG_8263 IMG_8261 IMG_8258 IMG_8255 IMG_8254 IMG_8195 IMG_0376 IMG_0370 IMG_0366 IMG_0355 IMG_0353 IMG_0348 IMG_0337 IMG_0333 IMG_0326 IMG_0322 IMG_0316 IMG_0296IMG_8272
IMG_0283 IMG_0282 IMG_0268 IMG_8198

The city was beautiful in its own right as well. These are some photos of the more old-Europeaney side of Valencia.


IMG_8316 IMG_8338 IMG_8323


I will definitely come back to this place again. Hopefully by then my Spanish won’t be so non-existent and I’ll have more time. I’d like to get to know this place better.


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