Home for Christmas

Just wanted to throw up a super quick post about my short trip to NY for Christmas.

From Valencia, I took a train to Madrid to catch my plane. This was my very first time riding a high speed European train, and I was really looking forward to zooming through the countryside at around 300km/hr. It was pretty fun. We covered about 350 miles in under two hours. Definitely a big change from our usual 60km/hr pace in the van.


When I arrived in Madrid I took the subway straight to the airport. I can explore this city when I come back. For now, I wanted to make absolutely sure that I made my plane.

Soon I landed in New York and took the train out to Long Island where my family lives. I stayed for about 12 days. I got to play video games with my brother, meet my sister’s new kitten,  cook with my mom, see the new Star Wars movie and chill out by the tree drinking hot chocolate. It was a really nice time.

IMG_8610 IMG_8444 IMG_8429
(^Glenn obviously does not like having his picture taken)


I thought my Stollen-eating was over for this season since I already inhaled the one that I bought in Dresden before we left. But then we remembered that my sister bought one too when when she came to visit me in September and it must be hidden in the house somewhere.  We interrogated our mother and found it. AND NOW WE SHALL RIP IT OPEN AND DEVOUR IT.


Being home in my parents’ house in New York after being on the road for so long was a real shock to my system. Things like having a hot shower available at all times, or a washing machine, or a full refrigerator and a giant kitchen to prepare food are all things that I’m not used to anymore and I can’t even remember a time when I was. I feel like I’m in a luxury hotel.

While I was busying hanging out and relaxing, Philipp was making his way from Valencia to Almeria. He got invited to a place in Capo de Gata where there are tons of campers parked on the beach. They were having their monthly full moon party, the highlight of which is a paella made from scratch by one of the women who has been there for quite awhile. He sent me this photo. I was so jealous. IMG_8624

When my twelve days were up, I headed back to Madrid feeling rejuvenated and happy. I’m ready to get back to the nomad life. First thing I’m going to do when I get back is learn how to make my own paella…

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