Bike Ride to San Pedro

For any van-goers traveling along the coast in Spain, Cabo de Gata is one of the best areas for picturesque beach-camping. Of all the beaches in this area, Playa del Playazo was my favorite. You’re not technically allowed to park here overnight, but the people in charge of caring about that don’t seem to come around very often; we were there for four days and three nights before the officers came official-ing. But even if you decide not to risk spending the night, it’s still worth stopping here for the day.

The beach has fine sand and calm water, there are a lots (but not too many) other van-goers around who you can sit around the fire and drink beer with, and there is a twisty rocky path with mega beautiful views that runs northward along the coast and leads to the hippie village called San Pedro.

We spent New Year’s Eve here having a campfire paella feast, and when we woke up the next day we set off on our bicycles up that twisty path.

IMG_8828 IMG_8830 IMG_8835IMG_8844 IMG_8849

The path through the mountains was breathtaking.
IMG_8854IMG_8871 IMG_8887

I should probably mention that doing this path with bicycles turned out to be a bad idea. The path was so narrow in some places and full of giant rocks in others that in the end we carried our bikes most of the way to San Pedro. If you’re reading this and thinking of going, do it on foot. Believe me.


Finally we came upon San Pedro. This was my very first hippie-village experience, and while I adored the self-built huts and yurts and loved imagining what it must be like to live here, I was disappointed at what felt to me like a total absence of anything like a sense of community. There was no central meeting area, no big fire in the middle… everyone was hanging out in their own little separate groups, and when I tried to talk to some of them, I found out that most of them didn’t even know one another. I guess I can understand wanting to keep to yourself in a place like this where there are often tourists passing through on foot from the beach (you can’t get here by car at all) and probably a lot of young people camping out for days and days without asking anyone and making a lot of noise, etc. etc. But I still thought it was kind of shame. Still though, I was happy to have visited.

IMG_8897 IMG_8902 IMG_8918IMG_8932 IMG_8934 IMG_8936

We headed home and cooked dinner on the beach and watched the sunset. Happy.

IMG_8953 IMG_8967

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