Santa Fe Hot Springs

On the road again. Our sights are set on Granada, the next big city. I’m sure that there are lots of great historical buildings and an interesting cultural heritage in Granada but right now all I care about is that there is a McFit there, and in McFit, there are showers.

We found our friend Mike on the side of the road at La Calahorra. We had met him a few times before on the way down the coast and knew that he was a bro (ps check out his brand new website!). He decided to travel with us for awhile.


We walked up to the fortress together.


Then on to Granada. We got to McFit and showered (so, so nice) and then looked for a place to sleep. As we were in the middle of driving through the city, our exhaust pipe suddenly fell off at the back and started dragging along the ground. Philipp and Mike tried to fix it.


Poor Mike must have been seriously regretting his decision to travel with us right about now. Here we were on the side of a busy street in the middle of a big city, it was close to midnight, cold and rainy, Philipp is on the ground under the bus trying to reattach this thing, we’re hungry and we have no idea where we’re going to spend the night.

Finally Philipp gave up. There was no way this thing was going to be fixed on the fly. But there was also no way  that we could stay where we were. That left us with only one option: we had to drive through the city without an exhaust pipe.

Saying that we were loud would be a serious understatement. We were absolutely roaring through the streets. Even with an exhaust pipe, people can always hear us coming a mile away. So without one, we might as well have had a screaming fire siren on us for all the noise that we were making.

After what felt like an eternity, we found a small dirt lot to sleep in. We cooked together quickly and went to bed, trying not the think about the prospect of having to do this again tomorrow.

In the morning, Philipp got back down under the bus. It took a few hours, but he finally did fix it. At that point we had had enough of the city and just wanted to get out, so we decided to drive to Santa Fe, where we had heard that there were hot springs.

After driving around in circles on tiny dirt roads through olive groves and asking several times for directions, we finally spotted a bunch of campers and buses in the middle of nowhere and knew that we had found what we were looking for.


We found the perfect spot on a little hill not too far away from the springs, and quickly discovered that directly next to us was basically a giant motocross playground. Not only were there all the paths through the olive trees, but there was a whole area with giant hills and curvy paths and everything else you could wish for. It wasn’t officially marked off as a motocross ground or anything, but the place was covered with tire tracks. It was clear that this was a known spot.


We spent about three days here. We rode around on the motorcycles, did some mountain biking, made paella, and soaked in the hot springs. We also made a lot of new friends. This place is a popular spot for van travelers like us, so we ended up sitting around the fire with lots of like-minded people. We even met a Dutch couple with two kids that had a little compartment in the bottom of their bus where they were keeping chickens (!). Definitely one of my absolute favorite spots of all time.






Chickens in a bus!




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