Van Fresh Eggs

Just as we were leaving the Santa Fe hot spring, we met a Dutch couple, Jochem and Sabine, and their kids. They were just arriving and were asking about where a good spot to park would be. We got to talking and they told us about how they want to start a farm somewhere but are still looking for the perfect spot. When we were about to say goodbye, Sabine asked us if we wanted some fresh eggs. We were a little bewildered, but didn’t ask question. We just said yes. She turned around and walked over to their bus, opened up a trap door, and out march two chickens. She pulled out a drawer and showed me about six perfect brown eggs.

I was amazed. They really weren’t kidding about being farmers. This is probably just about the coolest thing I’ve ever seen anyone do with their bus. Being the food nut that I am, I was positively giddy when Sabine lifted the eggs out of the drawer and put them in my hands.

I soft boiled them and we devoured them. I never knew that eggs could be so good.



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