Granada: Tapas Heaven

January 8th, 2016

Today, Granada. We took one last ride around on the motorcycles, one last dip in the hot springs, and then we were off.

Granada is perhaps most famous for the Spanish-Muslim art that is to be found on every corner. The Alhambra (see photo above), a sprawling 13th century Islamic citadel and palace set atop a hill in the middle of the city is probably the most well-known example.

But Granada is also renowned for another thing; something even nearer and dearer to my heart than world heritage (yeah, I said it). What is that, you ask? That, my friend, is Tapas, with a decidedly capital T.

We arrived in the city in the evening. After a quick shower at McFit we started the hunt for tapas bars around 8pm. We were not disappointed.

This being Spain, we were expecting everything to be open until the early morning hours, and so were surprised to find that by around 10pm everything was already closed.We had already stuffed ourselves pretty well though in the two hours that we had, so we shrugged it off and vowed to start earlier tomorrow evening, after we had a chance to roam around the city.

And roam we did. We had parked on the side of a relatively busy street for the night, close to the city center. We woke up early and headed out on foot.


Love me some gloomy Christian art.


Philipp the tour guide teaching showing Mike all the important things. 
Philipp and Mike having an architecture lesson.
Enjoying the romantic views.
Aren’t they just adorable?


Empanadas break.
Another snack break.


One of the highlights of this day was when we found a large, well kept park with a ton of persimmon trees absolutely full of ripe persimmons which no one seemed interested in eating. The ground was littered with fallen fruit that had exploded on impact, and the branches were still hanging low. Philipp, being himself, was unable to tolerate the idea that all of this fruit was going to just fall to the ground and rot, and Mike, also being himself, is ready to try new and weird things without hesitation at any time. The result?


That’s right. Mike in the tree, gently shaking the branches to make the fruit fall, and Philipp running around with an umbrella underneath him to catch everything that comes down. I think we must have eaten fifteen persimmons between us.

Then it was finally time for tapas.




And then we found my favorite bar of all time. Anyone who knows me knows my sick fascination with bizarre, creepy and almost comically depressing Christian art. This place was absolute heaven.


Not to mention, the tapas were out of this world. We spent a good deal of time here snacking and sipping beer and and making a bunch of new friends.

Needless to say, I had a wonderful time getting to know this city with these two freaks. I’ll remember this day for my whole life. Granada, I’ll be back.


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