Sierra Nevada Tour (Video!)

We were right next to the Sierra Nevada. We had motorcycles. Obviously, we were not leaving this place without conquering this mountain. We had two bikes and three people, so we took turns being the passenger (I hate riding on the back, I hate riding on the back, I hate riding on the back). I was pretty proud of myself at the end because I rode a good chunk of the way back down with Mike on the back seat, and I’ve never driven with a passenger before (he is either really brave or completely out of his mind, or both). I was only able to film while I was on the back seat though, and the camera died when we got to the top. But we still got some good footage. Check out this video to see what it was like! Scroll down for pics of our mechanical problems and more 🙂


We had to fix the wheel bearings on Philipp’s bike on the fly. The guys in highlighter suits who are visible in the background (very) reluctantly let us borrow some of their tools.


The back wheel had to come off in order for us to take a look at the bearing itself. No jack? No problem. We’ve got rocks…


Finally back on the road.



(credit for above two photos: Mike)

A few other photos of our trip the next day to the neighboring village, called Beneficio, a bit further up the mountain. I can’t stop taking pictures of this bike, she’s just so pretty. I love the yellow against the colorful backgrounds of these landscapes.



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