From Orgiva to Torre Del Mar

After Orgiva we continued south. We stopped at a bunch of containers, had a tuna salad sandwich and beer picnic at one in the morning on the sidewalk in an industrial area (don’t ask), and enjoyed lots of beautiful ocean views and hiking opportunities.  img_0132img_0141img_0148

Suuuuuuper tight streets…


Philipp insists on wearing his kilt everywhere, as if he doesn’t already get enough stares.


We found a huge field with what looked like apple trees that someone had recently trimmed, so we got out of our cars and collected some of the fallen branches for firewood. As we did, some guy pulled up in a car and came charging out at us. “WHY DID YOU CUT MY TREES?!” he asks. We look at each other. Mike tries to explain in Spanish that we hadn’t cut anything, pointing at our vehicles, trying to convince him that there was no way we were equipped to trim all the thousand trees that surrounded us, and that we were just collecting wood for fire, if that was okay. The guy calmed down a bit and seemed to believe us. He asked us if we had seen anyone else around. We shook our heads no. Much friendlier now, he said we could collect as much wood as we wanted, and we wished one another a nice day.


Some cyclers hitching a ride up a steep mountain road. (coughcheatingcough)


We drove to Torre del Mar beach, outside Malaga to meet up with Marian and Manu. We saw some guy with a propeller on his back taking off from the beach and flying off into the sunset. Sick.


Friends 🙂


On our way down, we stopped at a few containers. In Motril, we found (among other things) a ton of tomatoes. I chopped them all up and we made sauce in a giant pot on the fire. Philipp and Mike were on stirring duty.


They did a great job. Just look at these pros…


We feasted, drank beer, and sat around the fire on the beach until past midnight. Another successful day.

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