A Taste of Winter in Geddington

I flew out of Malaga to go visit a close friend who lives in the UK for a weekend. It snowed overnight, and in the morning we went for a walk to see the ruins of an old mansion.  The best part was coming back home to mind blowing English breakfast (scroll all the way down).

In the south of Spain, we’ve had t-shirt weather for weeks, which is great, but I kind of miss the cold weather. It just doesn’t feel right when it’s warm in winter. I love coming back into the warm house from the cold all ruddy-cheeked, wearing sweaters by the window, holding warm mugs, and feeling like it’s totally fine if you eat an entire kilo of macaroni and cheese by yourself because bikini time is so far out of sight and mind.




Inappropriate shoes, as always.


THE. BEST. PART.whiteenglandedits-11whiteenglandedits-12


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