After arriving in Morocco, Asilah was our first destination. The history of Asilah dates back to 1500 B.C. The city was conquered by the Portuguese, then taken back by the Moroccos who quickly lost it to the Spanish but eventually took it back again to use as a pirate base which eventually provoked the punishment of Austria, before again being overrun by the Spanish and is now finally once more back in the hands of the Moroccans.


We drove to a campground in the city and in the morning we set out.


Asilah is home to a lot of music and art festivals, including a mural festival), so it’s little more tourist friendly, which is good for us Morocco-beginners, and it’s also a hub for creatives in the region.








As we were walking around, the man who own the campground we’re staying at, Mustafa, walked by and recognized us. We told him that we were totally clueless about how people do things here, and he said that the first thing we needed to do was have tea, or “Moroccan whiskey”.


I’ll never forget this first time that I had this stuff. It is basically green tea with fresh mint leaves and sugar, and it is delicious. It’s sometimes jokingly referred to as Moroccan Whiskey because since Islam forbids the consumption of alcohol, this is the drink that everyone (mostly men) sit around in cafes and drink together.

Next we visited the market. I was super excited.


I was drooling all over myself the whole time.


Mustafa also recommended a good restaurant for lunch. I am always excited about food but at this point, after just having taken that stroll through the market, I was downright giddy when we sat down to eat. We ordered salad and fish tagine and it was incredible; perfectly cooked and amazing flavor. I’m already in love with this place.




I quickly discovered that Morocco is sandal paradise. It just keeps getting better and better.




We went back to the campground in the evening, tired but happy, and feeling super lucky to be in such a vibrant, beautiful place.

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