Imi n’Ifri

After spending three nights in Camping Zebra, we decided it was time to move on. We were still traveling with our friends Paola and Igel, and while we were in Camping Zebra we met up with Thorsten, another friend of Philipp’s. We decided to stay together for awhile, and so around midday, all three buses drove off towards Demnate.

But first, a quick stop in Ouzoud. Today is souk day, and souks are always worth a visit.





Afterwards we moved on to Demnate for a quick lunch of beans and bread. This area is supposed to be home to Morocco’s most prized olive trees, so I was on the lookout to buy some.


I love what Moroccans do to their trucks. This one is pretty good example.


We got back on the road, and drove towards Imi n’Ifri.

img_2402 img_2419

Imi n’Ifri is a 1.8 million year old natural stone bridge. According to my Lonley Planet book, local legend says that the two sides represent lovers kept apart by their families, so they held hands and turned to stone. We spent awhile exploring the gorge, climbing up walls, jumping from boulder to boulder. The pictures didn’t come out so great unfortunately, but if anyone reading this is considering making a stop there, I definitely recommend it.


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