I can’t say the hobo life chose me. I most definitely deliberately chose it. Between enthusiastic dumpster diving and the regular recycling of old frying oil as fuel, my cost of living is exceptionally low. It’s incredible just how little money one actually needs to get by, and how much more enjoyable the world is once you delete the constant longing after things things things from your life. But sometimes when the container doesn’t bear fruit (or vegetables… or bread), or I need a new toothbrush, or to pay to shower, or, I admit, I’m in a new country and I’ll die on the spot if I can’t try some of the local street food, having a little money is necessary. There are tons of great resources for travelers to earn money and we try to take advantage of them as often as we can. Woof and Workaway are fantastic and it’s also always possible to find odd jobs along the way.

I’ve been deeply touched by the amount of messages I’ve received from people asking how they can send care packages. It’s something that I never expected and that I am always incredibly thankful for. To make the process a little simpler, I’ve decided to put this page here with a direct link to paypal.


Please include a message to let me know if your donation is intended for something specific, like only for fuel, or only for emergency groceries, etc. I am thankful from the bottom of my heart for all the support I’ve received!