Green MB 407 H

Model: MB 407 H   T2 “Düsseldorfer”
Engine: 2.4L Diesel OM 616
HP: 72

After traveling in our A-Team Bus for a little over a year, we decided, with heavy hearts, that we needed an upgrade. We wanted a bigger kitchen, a bigger table, a higher ceiling, and a stronger engine. This bus had everything that we were looking for. We bought it from a guy in Frankfurt who had ripped all the insides out when he got it and rebuilt everything from scratch himself. It had been sitting around for a few years when we discovered it, so it needed to be repainted and de-rusted, but all in all it was much less work than our first bus, and all of the technical guts were top notch. We took this bus through Germany, France, Spain, and Morocco with two Suzuki Sp360’s on the hanger.

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